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How to Prepare Your Files

Follow the instructions below to ensure file compliance:


1.  Bounce down each individual track, the entire length of the song, in a 44.1khz 24bit WAV file format.  HINT: If your song is 3 minutes long, every track should be 3 minutes long.  This allows for all the instruments to line up properly during the import phase.  Be sure to turn off any processing such as Eq, compression, reverbs, delays.  Also make sure the track levels are not distorting.  Most distortion is irreversible.


2.  Save all your files to a folder and name the folder as follows:

[YourName - SongTitle - BPM]


3.  Make Your PayPal Deposit to . There is a PayPal icon at the top and bottom of this page to save you some typing time. 


Please note: If you are in a hurry to receive your mix, take a look at the Studio Queue tab in order to see the deposit that will make your project 1st on the list.


4.  Contact us via email. A folder will be created for you on where you will upload your files.


5.  Upload the files to There is a Box icon at the top and bottom of this page to save you some typing time.  You will need to create a free account if you don't already have one, using your email.  It is free to create an account. HINT:  When uploading the files, select each file individually (i.e kick drum, lead vocal, snare, bass...); a complete folder will not load unless you have an upgraded account.


6.  Email us when all of your files complete uploading.



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